Saturday, July 25, 2009

FREE PATTERN: Simple Little Crochet Mermaid Doll

I whipped this 5-inch cutie mermaid up while my daughter was sleeping. It's a simple crochet doll without too many extras so that she can be made quickly for the small child who will soon move onto the next obsession. Right now, my daughter loves mermaids.

Simple Little Crochet Mermaid Doll

You will need:
Sport weight yarn (scraps can work great for this!). I chose 3 colors of yarn – one for the mermaid's body/tail, one for her head and arms, and one for her hair and extra embellishment on her tail
F or G Hook
Your choice of stuffing
Optional – yarn needle (it really is easier with a yarn needle, and they are not that expensive, but it can be done without it).

Mermaid Body and Head

Chain 2 with your choice of yarn for the tail and body.

Sc, hdc, dc, triple crochet, dc, hdc, sc and slip stitch in that first ch. Repeat this pattern again in the same stitch, and then pull on the tail of yarn hanging down to tighten the gap in the middle.

Turn this upside down and slip stitch in that first slip stitch. The next stitches will all be in that same stitch.

Ch 1, 8 sc in the sc.

Turn this over and slip stitch back into the first sc to make a circle.

Ch 1, 2 sc in this first sc, 1 sc in next stitch, repeating this pattern around until you have 12 stitches total. Do not slip stitch or turn.

Sc crochet in the next stitch and each stitch around, and keep going for about 2-1/2 inches, or however short or long you would like your doll’s lower body.

When you’ve reached a length you like, you can leave it there or curve out a little by increasing every other stitch so that you end with 18 stitches around. If you want a little bust you can also just increase on one side but not the other, which is what I did in my example.

Finish off (cut your yarn about 2 inches out and tie a knot down at your last stitch) and gently stuff the lower body with fiberfill, cotton balls, small yarn clippings or fabric scraps. Use small pieces instead of big ones for better control of the shape. Be careful not to stuff it so much that the stitches start to stretch out and the inside because very visible. Tuck the tail into the body to hide it.

Switch to your choice of skin color and slip stitch in the next sc from where you left off.

Ch 1, sc in same stitch and each stitch around.

If you increased your stitches to 18, decrease completely around until you have 9 stitches. If you have 12, decrease every 3rd stitch, which will also leave you with 9 stitches. Pull tightly after each decrease to close gaps.

Decrease every other stitch so that you have 6 stitches left.

Using a larger crochet hook, pencil, chop stick, or anything thin but not sharp, tuck a little more of your stuffing choice into the mermaid’s body.

We will now begin her cutie patootie little mermaid head.

2 sc in the next sc, 1 sc in the next sc, repeat this pattern around – 9 stitches.

2 sc in next sc, 1 sc in next 2 sc, repeat this pattern around – 12 stitches

2 sc in next sc, 1 sc in next 3 sc, repeat this pattern around – 15 stitches

Sc in each stitch around – 15 stitches.

Repeat the last row.

Decrease, 1 sc in next 3 sc, repeat this pattern around – 12 stitches.

Decrease, 1 sc in next 2 sc, repeat this pattern around – 9 stitches.

Stuff the head with your choice of stuffing.

Decrease every other stitch – 6 stitches.

If you have a yarn needle, finish off here, leaving a long tail. Thread your needle and weave your yarn in and out of the 6 stitches, then pull tight to close the head. Tie a knot and weave in your tail to hide it, or poke it through to the other side of the head and cut off the excess.

If you don’t have a needle, decrease one more time to close the hole and finish off. Insert your hook into the head and slide it up to poke out next to where you finished off. Grab the yarn tail and pull it into the head to hide it.

Optional – Arms.

The doll would still be cute without them, but if you want to add them:

Choose a stitch on one side right above where the body ends and the shoulders/chest begin. Slip stitch in, ch 1, and sc in the same stitch.

Ch 5, sc in the first ch from the hook and all the way down, slip stitching back into the body. Finish off. Repeat on the other side, and sew or hook your ends into the body to hide them. Very simple arms!

Flowy Mermaid Hair

Take your yarn and cut it into 2 dozen (or more!) strips 6-7 inches long. Insert your hook into the back of the head and snag the middle of a strip. Pull it back out and up about an inch. Take the 2 loose ends and pull them through this loop. Pull them tight to make a knot. Do this all over the top and back of the head.

Optional – Tail Embellishment

The tail looks cute the way it is, but you can make it longer by using the same color of yarn or copy mine and use the hair color.

Slip stitch into a stitch where the tail meets the body, ch 1, and sc in that same stitch. Place two stitches in the next stitch, 1 in the next, repeating this patterns around and making the stitches as long or short as you like depending on how long you want the tail. I increased up to a triple crochet and then came back down again in the middle, then repeated my pattern on the other side.
I’d actually like them even longer so I will probably add another row, making my longer crochet stitches out toward the ends of the tail fins and shorter as I get closer to the body. Finish off and weave in your loose ends.
Copyright 2009 Alisa Elizabeth King Terry
For home use. Please do not repost portions of this pattern without linking to me and giving me the credit.

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